Follow-up to the
Epic Adventure


Anomaly The Rubicon

Sci-fi/Adventure on a grand, painted, wide-screen scale!

Picks up right after the first Anomaly ended. Uncover the dark mystery of the origins of life on Anomaly, evidence of earlier Conglomerate missions and experiments gone wrong. Then take a trip with Jon, Samantha, Tonni, Bal’ka and Aodh to deliver the first blow in a rebellion against the seemingly unbeatable Conglomerate. They’re on The Conglomerate’s most fortified world during The Rubicon -- think old Soviet Union May Day parade meets gladiatorial Olympics – with blood sports featuring aliens and alien creatures. It’s the most widely broadcast event in the known galaxy, designed to tout The Conglomerate’s might.

It’s the perfect place for a first rebellious strike -- with the help of a little technology-eating friend -- right where everyone is watching.

Discover the most powerful aliens humans have ever encountered -- and they hold Jon responsible for killing their children on Sestus Prime (see Anomaly 1 for more details).

Meet new characters…get reacquainted with old friends. Discover new worlds as the ground-breaking Anomaly adventure continues.


It's a digital virtual popup book!

Download the FREE companion app and watch characters and creatures literally jump off the page when you point your device at the book. Anomaly The Rubicon contains 25 pages of augmented reality content, an appendix, games and more. Compatible with most Apple and Android devices with a rear-facing camera.

Amazing Artwork

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