Critical Acclaim

You’d be hard-pressed to find artwork in any graphic novel that stacks up next to ANOMALY and this isn’t one of those books you hide when company comes over. READ REVIEW > — Ain't It Cool News
Stunning… Anomaly demands respect and awe from the reader and kicks the next generation of entertainment media into high gear.
— Bill Sienkiewicz
A meaty, sophisticated book filled with epic story and art that reads like a movie.
— Todd McFarlane
The kind of book you’d want on a desert island… 356 cinematic, widescreen pages of a sci-fi universe akin to something out of the Star Wars or Mass Effect franchises. READ REVIEW  > — USA Today
To students of the genre, Anomaly will feel instantly familiar in a good way. READ REVIEW > — Nerdist
Loaded with offbeat characters and idiosyncratic socio-structures, Anomaly does a smashing job of bringing us back to the fundamentals of humanity.
— Ridley Scott