Between Worlds

Misfit teens Mayberry and Marshall wander off during a school field trip to the forest, on a dare to find dusty local legend The Wishing Tree. But they get more than they bargained for when they find themselves in Nith, an alternate universe. Along with amazing new powers and furry friends, Nith holds danger and intrigue. With the help of the mysterious Aaron, these two friends try to find their way back home. But some of the inhabitants of Nith have other plans for the teens…

Together, Mayberry and Marshall must learn to control their new powers, escape their enemies, find their way home, and come to terms with their growing attraction.


It's a digital virtual popup book!

Download the FREE companion app and watch characters and creatures literally jump off the page when you point your device at the book. Between Worlds contains 13 pages of Augmented Reality content, a game, Mayberry's private journal and more. Compatible with most Apple and Android devices with a rear-facing camera.