An Augmented Reality Children's Book


Welcome to the CCC!

There are lost baby creatures all around us who just want to go home, and they need YOUR help!

Welcome to the Society of Creative Creature Catchers!

You’ve been chosen to join the CCC because you’re smart, caring and REALLY fun!

Your mission is simple: Find and learn about a variety of fantastical animals who have ended up lost in our world. Return them to their home worlds and their worried families! Some hide in the curtains. Others hide under the bed. Don’t worry. They won’t hurt you. They’re scared, and their parents are worried about them.

Don't worry, you're not alone...

Malcolm Tanner is your trainer and guide as you find these critters and return them to their strange and wonderful worlds. Learn about the tropical Zink Tropper who hides in the lush canopies of Hoople...or the playful Bleepo , whose home world of Feebox is completely topsy-turvey-upside-down! The Rambous Swoosher and Flinx are just two of the growing number of creatures the Society needs to humanely discover, catch and release.


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But this is just half the story. Creative Creature Catcher isn’t just about reading. It’s about doing. Anyone can read about these unfortunate animals, but Malcolm will teach you how to get personally involved.

Grab your Apple or Android device (phone or tablet), and even stubborn readers will want to know more about the shifty Grumbaloo or the quick-footed Eeking Sfifter as 3D characters leap to life with Augmented Reality. Parents and kids can share the adventure together. Malcolm can even read the book to kiddos just learning the reading ropes. The choice is yours!

Don’t just read about the natural wonders of Creative Creature Catcher. Live it!

About the Author

Brian Haberlin is a storyteller with a long track record and is an award-winning comic creator. He is known as an innovator, educator and technical guru to both the comic and augmented reality communities.

About the Artist

Geirrod Van Dyke grew up in Northern California and attended SSU, where he earned his BFA. He originally planned a career in the fine arts but found his childhood love for comics and games took over and guided him into illustration. Geirrod can frequently be found covered in paint, being chased by his tiny cat PB.


Amazing Artwork

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