A Dark Mystery


Fury Formula

Everyone has a dark side. His has its own wardrobe.

Things are not looking good for Randall James, a police detective with a debilitating genetic disease. As his health starts to fail and his partner threatens to get him kicked off the force, it looks like his career is over. Then he inherits a mysterious formula from his great-uncle. It’s the answer to his prayers – a cure for the disease. As for side effects, what could be worse than crippling pain and an early death? But when he wakes up with no memory of the night’s activities – and his murdered partner at his side – he must admit the terrifying truth. He’s twice the man he used to be.

Now Randall is living a double life, and his amoral alter-ego James is the one having all the fun. Randall needs to get control of himself, and he needs to discover the truth. Is he a cold-blooded killer and, if so, how can he stop James from killing again?

Think True Detective meets Dexter with a fantastical bent, in this modern reinvention of Jekyll and Hyde.