About Shifter

What if you could soar with the birds – not in a man-made contraption or by using virtual reality, but as an actual bird? What if you could literally be a fly on the wall in a top-secret meeting? What if you could become any animal in the world or, better yet, anybody in the world? What if you could become any creature that has ever existed (and some you never believed could exist)?

Find out the answers to these questions and more in Shifter, the latest full-color graphic novel from Anomaly Productions. Shifter is a sci-fi murder mystery with a unique perspective, a pulse-pounding thriller that explores the depths of humanity’s evil and the tremendous powers of the animal kingdom. Explore the world of Shifter via the 222-page hardcover book and companion augmented reality app. Cinematic book app coming soon.


It's a digital virtual popup book!

Download the FREE companion app and watch characters and creatures literally jump off the page when you point your device at the book. Anomaly contains 25 pages of Augmented Reality content. Compatible with most Apple and Android devices with a rear-facing camera.

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