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Shifter is a full-color 222-page hardcover graphic novel now available in book stores and comic shops. This beautifully illustrated, action-packed book utilizes augmented reality technology for an enhanced experience with your smartphone or tablet.

Noah Freeman is just an ordinary guy, a low-ranking civil servant working for a government agency. He’s looking forward to a weekend hike alone in the local mountains, before spending some time with his fiancée. But over the course of just one day, his perfect world becomes a perfect hell.

An attempt on his life leads Noah to a remarkable discovery. It appears to be some type of ancient machine, and Noah’s presence awakens it. When he enters it, he’s not himself anymore – literally. He has the ability to inhabit the body of any creature that has ever lived, to experience the world with their senses, to even think as that creature thinks. With this strange new power, Noah sets out to unravel the dark threads of the mystery that has destroyed his world. But the truth leads him to a ruthless plot that will kill thousands unless he and the surrogates he inhabits can stop them. Does this ordinary man with an extraordinary machine have what it takes to save the world?

SHIFTER: Become anything...

It's also a digital virtual popup book!

Download the FREE companion app and watch the characters and creatures literally jump off the page when pointing your device's camera at the book. Compatible with most Apple and Android devices with a rear-facing camera.