Critical Acclaim

Intriguing and cinematic, the augmented reality effects are innovative and impressive, taking us into new digital territory. - Karen Berger, Vertigo founding editor
Not only will the story suck you in immediately, but each page is a stunning visual masterpeice. When you factor in the augmented reality component, you realize that Shifter isn't just a graphic novel, it's an experience. - Chris Hardwick
The animals burst from the book... fly, roar and run across the page. Even without the digital features, “Shifter” is an engaging tale. Kunrong Yap’s illustrations are vivid, and the story... is fast-paced and captivating - New York Times
I've always been impressed (and envious) by Brian's continual thirst for growth and rebirth with his art—both of which have been simply staggering. His endeavors prove again and again that he is an innovator and never an imitator.
- Greg Capullo
What struck me the most about Shifter wasn't the obvious bells and whistles technical grandstanding - as good as it is - but the story. When a comic or any other medium, for that matter, states it's doing something "new" in the field, I often expect it's at the expense of it's most basic elements. Something to WOW the audience so they don't see the obvious deficiencies in other areas. Well Shifter ain't one of them. I found the book totally engrossing and original, and, in a world where US comics can be read in a couple of minutes with the reader wandering whether it was all worth the money they paid for it, Shifter stands above all that. It's so nice to hold a real BOOK - a novel-lengh, proper story in my hands. So congratulations Brian and team - you've done yourselves proud! - Charlie Adlard
With amazing artwork and a captivatingly imaginative plot, Anomaly Productions has raised the bar for graphic novels
- Monsters & Critics
With the twisty, satisfying helix of its sci-fi plot and the irresistible velocity of its storytelling you have in Shifter that rare beast that qualifies as a multi-species success... Shifter also belongs on any shelf that has John Grisham’s The Pelican Brief, Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park or a well-read X-Files episode guide. - Hero Complex founder
Geoff Boucher